Language Setup

QuickRecruit is multi lingual applications. Language Setting & Translation manger can be used for managing multi language options

Language Settings

Language settings can be used for creating, updating or deleting a language. You can view this page by visiting App Settings→Language Settings:

Language Settings

Each time you create a new language through language settings a JSON file created in resources/lang/ folder. You can change as per your preference through Translation Manager web interface.

Translation Manager

Laravel translation files can be managed using this translation manager. You can update phrases and words of a language through this manager. It can be accessed by visiting Settings → Translation Manager.

Translation Manager

Two terms were used in the translation manager:

Groups: Groups are predefined file(JSON or PHP) which contain phrases or words of a language. _json group is used for handling multi-lingual phrases or words through JSON file.

Locale: Locale is language which contains groups.

You can replace existing phrases or can add new phrases using this manager. But first you have to import groups.

Import Groups

Import groups button is used for importing all groups. Import groups comes with 2 options, Append New Translations and Replace Existing Translations.

  • Append New Translations: Using this option all translations are imported into the database. After database import you can choose between groups as per your requirement.

  • Replace Existing Translations: This option can be used to replace existing phrases. You have to choose a group and then you can update phrases

Publish Translation

You can select a group to change all phrases or word for that group. You can click on a translation and an edit field will popup. Just click save and it is saved :) When a translation is not yet created in a different locale, you can also just edit it to create it. To save these phrases don't forget to click on publish translation button.

For publishing translations, make sure your application can write to the language directory.